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ZEB (energy-efficient buildings)

In May 2021, we were registered as a ZEB Planner in the "Net Zero Energy Building (ZEB) Demonstration Project" conducted by the Sustainable open Innovation Initiative. As a ZEB planner, we can now respond to inquiries about ZEB from building owners, etc. and receive orders for work related to ZEB design and design/construction.We will work to promote and realize ZEB, aiming to have ZEB account for more than 50% of the buildings ordered for design/construction projects by FY2025.


A ZEB is a building that achieves significant energy savings while maintaining the quality of the indoor environment by controlling energy loads through advanced architectural design, actively utilizing natural energy through the adoption of passive technologies, and introducing highly efficient equipment systems, etc., while also introducing renewable energy, thereby increasing energy independence as much as possible and achieving a zero annual primary energy consumption balance.


Offices, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, schools, assembly halls, etc.

Design achievements

Our new head office building, NF Kudan (8-story reinforced concrete structure, completed in January 2022, located at 4-2-28 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), was designed as an energy-efficient building (ZEB) that can reduce energy consumption by 50% from the standard value (ZEB Ready), and has been evaluated by a third-party certification organization (Center for Better Living) based on the notification by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.