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The following acts are strictly prohibited in relation to the use of this website.

  • ・The following acts against our company or affiliated companies, the board members or employees of those companies, or any other entity.
  • ・Acts of libel, defamation, and blackmail
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  • ・Acts that may cause the defamation of trust
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  • ・Links from any websites containing content that includes the abuse of any products and services provided by Our Company and our group, or may result in defamation of trust to Our Company or our group.
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  • ・Link from website that contain information that may damage public order, social morals, and ethics.
  • ・Links that make it unclear if it's the information on our site, such as frame link, image link etc. (Set the link so that whole browser window might changes or another window opens to show this website)
  • ・Links that may falsely lead website viewers to mistakenly form a view that a nonexistent cooperative relationship exists with Our Company or our group, or that Our Company or our group support or are aware of the any entity associated with an embedded link.
  • ・Links that may lead viewers to misunderstand that our Our Company or our group has a relationship with, recognize, or support a particular organization.

Even in the event that none of the above listed content is applicable, Our Company may reserves the right to request deletion or modification of any link setting. This website’s URL address may be changed or deleted without any prior notice.
Our Company may request deletion or modification of a link even if none of the above is applicable to the link. URL of this website may be changed or deleted without any prior notice.

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Our Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or inconvenience caused by links appearing on this website that are operated by a third party entity.
Our Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or inconvenience caused by the links to third party website appearing on this website.

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