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Hyper Earthquake-resistant Construction Method

This is an earthquake-resistant construction method in which the existing steel frame and reinforced concrete frame (columns, beam ends, and column-beam joints) are wrapped with ribbed split steel plates and continuous fiber sheets, high-strength reinforcing bars are inserted between the existing frame and the ribbed split steel plates, and the space is filled with high-strength mortar.It is possible to improve both "strength" and "toughness" of the structure.


No significant change in aesthetics (design and lighting) will occur.
Since construction can be performed while in the office, there is no need to suspend operations.
Construction can be performed indoors, by hand.。
Maintenance (painting) required for steel braces, etc. is not required.


Applicable to all steel-framed reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It is particularly suitable for hotels and apartment buildings where views and lighting are important.