Nakano Corporation (hereinafter called 'Our Company') is aware of the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information and communications society, and is therefore committed to protecting the personal information based on the following policies.

1. Obtaining Personal Information

Any personal information obtained by Our Company shall be done so in a legal and fair manner.

2. The Use of Personal Information

Our company shall utilize personal information for the following purposes, as well as in any of the below listed manners.

  • <Personal information obtained in the course of sales and marketing activities prior to contractual execution>
    The provision of client marketing planning.
  • <Personal information obtained at the time contractual execution>
    The implementation of contractual content for clients with whom contracts have been executed.

3. The Utilization of Possessed Personal Data

  • ・The provision of post completion maintenance for client buildings constructed by Our Company.
  • ・The provision of client services provided by Our Company.
  • ・To accurately provide our clients with customized services and new information.
  • ・To provide our clients with appropriate services.
  • ・To and assess client satisfaction through accurate investigation of usage conditions and environmental conditions in projects constructed by Our Company.
  • ・For any necessary communication with our clients.
  • ・For the purposes of financial audit.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Excepting for the following cases, Our Company will not disclose personal information to any third party.

  1. The existence of prior consent.
  2. Cases when identity cannot be accurately identified.
  3. To disclose it to the company signed a non-disclosure agreement with our company (subcontractors etc.) or to disclose it to the group companies within the necessary range in order to conduct the utilization purposes.
  4. Cases in which Our Company judges that the content of client inquiries to Our Company or any affiliated company requires a reasonable response.
  5. Any necessity for disclosure of personnel information to financial institutions etc. for purposes relating to financial settlement etc.
  6. A regulatory or legal requirement for disclosure.
  7. Cases in which it can be reasonably judged that there is a necessity to protect the rights, assets, and safety of Our Company and its clients.

5. Management of Personal Information

  • ・Our Company will securely manage, and maintain the accuracy of personal information.
  • ・Our company will employ appropriate security measures to counter computer viruses, unauthorized access, as well as the loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  • ・Our Company will refrain from external transfer or transmission of personal information.
  • ・Although Our Company may consign business activities involving possessed personal information to an entity that Our Company has judged as trustworthy and with which a non-disclosure agreement has been executed, personal information shall remain protected on the basis as being held by Our Company.

6. Discloser, Amendment, Usage Cessation, and Deletion of Personal Information

Our Company will ensure that clients maintain the right to disclose, amendment, usage cessation, and deletion of personal information, and that any such request is promptly addressed without objection. Parties with any remaining request pertaining to the handling of personal information should directly contact Our Company (General Affairs Department Contact: 03-3265-4661).

7. Organization and System

  • ・Our Company has an assigned manager responsible for the protection and proper management of personal information.
  • ・Our Company conducts seminars for our both our board members and employees regarding the protection, handling, and proper management of personal information.

8.Personal Information Compliance Program Planning, Implementation, Maintenance, and Improvement

In order ensure proper implementation of our privacy policy, Our Company maintains and continuously improves a compliance program for protection of personal information (Including rules relative to the protection of personal information). Any changes to this program will be shown on this website.