Dedication to Safety・Health and Safety Policy

Fundamental Principle

Our company places the highest possible priority on respect for human life, and will strive to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment through adherence to health and safety initiatives.

Fundamental Policies

Though Our Company has been careful to present information appearing on this website in a truthful and proper manner, Our Company does not assume any responsibility, regardless of the reason, for any matters resulting from any inaccurate information presented on this website, falsification by third parties, or any downloading of data.

  • Compliance with occupational health and safety laws, as well as regulations and standards for health and safety as specified by our company.
  • Operation and deployment of construction management that is unified with our occupational health and safety management systems.
  • Proper implementation of health and safety activities, as well as continual improvement of health and safety standards based on the cooperation of all employees and affiliated companies.
  • Thorough implementation of health and safety education to ensure all employees and affiliated companies understand the importance of health and safety, and the proper implementation of our health and safety management systems.
  • Continuous improvement of our safety and health activities and ensuring safety by enhancing a comfortable working environment and keeping the physical and mental health sound for employees.

Dedication to Quality・Quality Policy

  • We will strive to satisfy the requirements of our clients and society, and continuously work towards the provision of superior quality works and services.
  • We will conduct precise quality inspection during the construction process so as to guarantee enhanced work quality.
  • We will strive for further advancement of works quality through continuous business improvement by our quality management systems.

Enacted on April 1, 2002
Revised on April 1, 2011

Dedication to Environment・Environmental Policy

  • With a keen awareness of our impact on the global and local environment, we will strive for strict adherence to all laws relating to environmental protection, as well as a company-wide effort towards the reduction of environmental load and the prevention of pollution.
  • To accomplish the above tasks, we will conduct continual improvement of the below activities complete with precise aims and objectives.
    • ・Reduction of CO2 Emissions
    • ・Planning activities in consideration of the environment.
    • ・Limitation of waste emissions (zero emission promotion).
    • ・Efficient use of resources.
    • ・Management of harmful chemicals (dismantlement, refurbishment).
    • ・Promotion of green procurement.
    • ・Promotion of business efficiency (electronic data storage, electronic manifest system etc.)
  • Through the education of people related to our business activities, we will raise awareness of and improve our ability to contribute to environmental conservation.

Enacted on May 10, 2001
Revised on April 1, 2011

Initiatives working toward achieving carbon neutrality