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RC Technology for Super High-rise Buildings

HR-PC II (Super High-rise RC) Construction Method

Overview HR-PC II Construction Method is a super high-rise RC construction method involving precasted (PCa) columns, beams, and slabs. By adopting high-strength reinforcing bars and high-strength concrete, it is possible to construct super high-rise buildings with RC technology. In the case of housing complexes, only 6 days is needed to construct the framework for each floor.
Features By adopting a pure Ramen Structure, this construction method makes it possible to plan comfortable and flexible spaces. It is also possible to easily provide various plans such as single rooms to family-type residences.
Application Appropriate for super high-rise residences with more than 20 levels.
HR-PC II (Superhigh-rise RC) Construction Method
Major Construction Works (Super High-rise Residences)

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