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PCa Exterior Thermal Insulation Technology

ECO-PC (PCa Exterior Thermal Insulation Method)

Overview ECO-PC construction method involves an exterior thermal insulation method whereas a factory built PCa wall with built in heat insulation materials is installed at the construction site by crane.
Features Exterior Thermal Insulation Construction Method
(1) Comfortable living spaces with low temperature variation.
(2) A clean room without water condensation and mold build-up.
(3) Minimized burden on air-conditioning.
(4) High quality, durable construction.
(5) Labor-saving, and shorter construction periods.
Usage Best suited for houses, hospitals, and offices (especially in cold regions)
Patents Patent obtained for the PCa Exterior Thermal Insulation Method and related technologies (Registration No.3983490 and others)
ECO-PC (PCa exterior thermal insulation method)
Major Works

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