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Aseismic and Quake-absorbing Technology

Base-isolated Construction

Base-isolated Construction
Overview Base-isolated construction reduces the speed and force of earthquakes by using isolators (isolation devices) set into the quake-absorbing layer. Dampeners (dampening devices) also further absorb energy to reduce shocks experienced during earthquakes.
Features Prevents damage to buildings caused by serious earthquakes in order to protect the lives of people and the property itself.
Usage Housing complexes, schools, hospitals, public offices and museums.
Related Technology Retro-fit (base-isolation to reinforce quakes resistance) and floor base-isolation
Patents Patent obtained for this base-isolation method and related technologies.
(Registration No.3467674)
Main Construction Works

Vibration Suppressing Construction

Vibration suppression construction
Overview Vibration suppressing construction reduces shaking caused by strong winds and earthquakes through mechanical devices and frames (dampers) mounted into the building.
Features Increased comfort inside the building during strong winds. Reduction of damage, and maintenance of functions during serious earthquakes.
Usage Used primarily in steel-framed super high-rise offices.
Patents Patent obtained for vibration suppression method and related technologies
(Registration No.4092864)

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